• Lemon Pie Martini

    Lemon Pie Martini

    Yes you read it right. Hold on tight, this is going to knock your socks off with deliciousness!
  • The Irish Flag

    The Irish Flag

    An irresistibly creamy little shot of joy!
  • English Garden

    English Garden

    Gin lover? We've elevated a classic cocktail with a fruity twist of Flävar!
  • Taste The Music

    Taste The Music

    Raspberry & Liquorice Flävar, lemon, apple and lingonberry jam – it doesn't get anymore Swedish than this!
  • The French Flag

    The French Flag

    Corrr! Chocolate orange x Raspberry & Liquorice Flävar makes for an indulgent little tipple!
  • The Italian Flag

    The Italian Flag

    A mouth-watering mix of Salted Caramel Flävar, chocolate, grenadine, and mint.⁠
What's your flävar?