• Flävar Woo Woo

    Flävar Woo Woo

    Fancy impressing the squad when you're hosting your next get together? Well say hello to the Flävar Woo Woo that's sure to wow wow (sorry)
  • Flävar Flämingo

    Flävar Flämingo

    They say that good things come in threes..  just cranberry juice, lemonade and Flävar make up the delicious Flävar Flamingo!
  • Berries & Black

    Berries & Black

    Summer berries aplenty, zero bartending skills required, transports you to a Swedish forest. Thanks berry much!
  • Raspberry Blush

    Raspberry Blush

    This one is easy-peasy and perfect when paired with an afternoon in the sunshine! Simply combine your favourite medium-dry cider with Raspberry & Liquorice Flävar over ice.
What's your flävar?