• Jolly Raider
  • Jolly Raider

    Sweet tooth? This little delight is for you!

    • 40ml Strawberry & Lime Flävar
    • 20ml vodka
    • 30ml lime juice
    • 15ml sugar syrup (or honey)
    • 10ml watermelon liqueur (or watermelon juice)
    • Ice
    • Strawberries, a lime and granulated sugar (to garnish, if you're feeling fancy)
    1. Cut a lime in half and squeeze half of it onto a saucer. Cut a wedge out of the other half and set to one side.
    2. Pour some granulated sugar onto another saucer.
    3. Place the rim of a tumbler into the lime, then into the sugar to coat the rim.
    4. Add some ice into a cocktail shaker, then pour in the Flävar, vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup and watermelon liqueur.
    5. Give it a good shake.
    6. Put some fresh ice into your tumbler and strain the liquid into the glass.
    7. Garnish with your lime wedge and some fresh strawberries.
    8. Yummy!
Jolly Raider
Jolly Raider